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Participants of the Civil Society Coalition “People’s Constitution” elaborated and submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the Draft Law of Ukraine № 3781 “On the procedure for preparation of the draft of the new Constitution of Ukraine” as of 01.18.2016. This draft law legislatively regulates the procedure for the adoption of the new Constitution of Ukraine and determines the order for the formation, organization and operation of the Constitutional Assembly (specially authorized body of the constituent power through which the Ukrainian people exercise their right to determine and change the constitutional system). This will allow to begin the procedure of writing the Public Agreement and to establish legal possibilities of the society to reformat the established order of irresponsibility and unmanageability of governance. In such most democratic way the citizens, personally or indirectly, will have the opportunity to participate in writing and discussing the provisions of their own New Constitution. Therefore, this draft law is very important for the citizens of our country.

Unfortunately, the draft law “stuck” in the parliament without any progress and what is even worse, it’s included in the agenda as such, which is entrusted to be prepared and finalized for consideration. Without public attention, politicians in power will either rewrite it completely for themselves or it will be postponed for a long time without consideration by members of parliament.

We ask all concerned citizens to get acquainted with the main provisions of the draft law “On the procedure for preparation of the draft of the new Constitution of Ukraine “, and express your position and join to its support.

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We are not a commercial organization. We are the representatives of civil society, who have agreed to join hands for launching the constitutional process by creating a civil society coalition to prepare the draft law that should define the procedure for forming and status of the constituent body authorized to draft the new Constitution of Ukraine, as well as promoting the further adoption of the draft law in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

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