On 29th June 2016, representatives of the Civil Society Coalition “People’s Constitution” suggested to all citizens of our country to unite for finding the only right, non-conflict, and anti-crisis way out for Ukraine – creating the new Constitution as a fundamental base for development of the new country.

This was discussed during a press conference at the UNIAN News Agency.
“Today, we are clearly aware of the fact that Ukraine has become the country of missed opportunities during 25 years of its independence. Such destruction occurs both at the country level (the lost territorial integrity, military conflict in eastern Ukraine, constant and dramatic population decline, etc.) and in some segments of the country’s development (low living standards, corruption that resulted in unemployment and poverty). This putrefactive process was launched many years ago, when a conspiracy of the elites took place during the adoption of the Constitution of the independent Ukraine, excluding the voice of those the Basic Law was adopted for – the people,” reported Volodymyr Polochaninov, a member of the Civil Organization “Constitutional Convention” and member of the Coalition.

“We are fed up with the games behind closed doors, whose essence is rewriting laws as one sees fit before the next elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Our independence, so easily won and most importantly bloodless, has resulted in two Maidans, the end date of which remains open. The last point may be irreversible for the existence of Ukraine as a country, so today we badly need a new social contract as the last driving chance for a dramatic change in the country’s direction to the right way towards powerful development,” said Oleksii Zhmerenets’kyi, a member of the Civil Movement “Ukraine Is Me” and member of the Coalition.

A new social contract offered by the Coalition is a compromise that will become the way out for all the conflicting parties without instructions “from above” or advice “from outside”, taking into consideration the existing framework of the Minsk Agreements.

“In order to fulfill Paragraph 11 of the Minsk Agreements, it was necessary to negotiate. This path turned out to be hopeless and deadlock for the current government. But an open dialogue within the framework of a new social contract among all citizens of Ukraine is the way out, based on the rights of citizens. And we are ready to hold it,” said Anatolii Pinchuk, President of the All-Ukrainian Civil Organization “Ukrainian Strategy” and a member of the Coalition.

“The Civil Society Coalition “People’s Constitution” is ready to assume responsibility for taking into account the discussions with all citizens of the country and analyzing their vision of the new Constitution, as well as release the results of such work to public,” pointed out Oleksandr Kochetkov, Vice President of the International Association “Health of Society” and a member of the Coalition.

“Recently, the Coalition has held the “Organizational and Informative Game “New Social Contract”” to outline the main problems and find possible solutions to them using the Social Contract as an effective and necessary tool,” emphasized Olena Paliukh, a member of the NGO “Prostir” and member of the Coalition.

Now, together with like-minded people: social activists, academics, journalists, volunteers, politicians, experts-constitutionalists, human rights activists, as well as representatives of local governments, volunteer battalions, businesses, and youth, the Coalition has planned to go on an all-Ukrainian tour round all the cities and towns of the country in September this year.

“The purpose of our tour is to discuss and outline the basic principles for the new Constitution of Ukraine during an open dialogue, which will finally be respected regardless of age and social status,” reported Viktoriia Podhorna, a member of the Civil Organization “Constitutional Convention” and member of the Coalition.