The Right for Happiness and the People’s Constitution
Creating the New Constitution as a Fundamental Base for Development of the New Country

The International Organization and Patriot National Union of Ukraine Have Joined the Civil Society Coalition “People’s Constitution”


On 25th May 2016, Kyiv hosted an extended meeting of the Civil Society Coalition “People’s Constitution”. During this meeting, new civil organizations such as the First Ukrainian Independent Media Platform and International Association “Health of Society” joined the Coalition. They expressed confidence in the main objective and the steps taken by the Coalition, as well as offered constructive support in further work like the NGO “Prostir”, which had joined the Coalition several days earlier.

“Today, our task is to involve the largest possible number of citizens in the process of creating a new social contract as the only effective tool that will help create the conditions under which the constitutional reform in the country will be a nationwide inclusive process, in which every citizen will have the right to express their opinion,” said Volodymyr Polochaninov, a member of the Coalition.

“Since its establishment, the Coalition has undergone both internal and external reorganization. However, such fundamental factors as political and oligarchic impartiality remain unchanged for all the members of the Coalition and those who join us,” emphasized Vitalii Chudnovs’kyi, a member of the Coalition.

Oleksandr Kochetkov, Vice President of the International Association “Health of Society” said that the Coalition had held numerous information events to provide people with the unique opportunity to get acquainted with its main concepts. During the last meeting taking place in Kyiv on 14th May 2016, several focus groups were formed. Their respondents – representatives of different civil society sectors contributed to understanding and accentuating the conceptually important points, which will be useful during an all-Ukrainian tour that will take place soon. “Such a national and indifferent approach to every citizen has inspired us to cooperate with the Civil Society Coalition “People’s Constitution”, which has written and registered the Draft Law №3781 “On the Procedure for Drafting the New Constitution of Ukraine” dated 18th January 2016 in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, as well as has held the Forum and a number of meetings with representatives from all regions of Ukraine. This means that the Coalition’s priority is action, not endless expert discussions,” pointed out Oleksandr.

“Today we have to accomplish the following objective – to establish territorial centres of the Coalition due to hard-working people with an active stand in life, who have the power to vote in their region,” said Serhii Opria.

The Coalition is open for accepting new members. Any civil associations, universities, and research institutions, as well as experts, scientists, and professionals in the field of constitutionalism, who have a good professional reputation, adhere to the political impartiality standards, and share provisions of the Memorandum on the Creation of the Civil Society Coalition may become members of the Coalition.