On 14th May 2016, the event entitled “Organizational and Informative Game “New Social Contract”” was held at the initiative of the Civil Society Coalition “People’s Constitution” in Kyiv. It was attended by representatives of all regions of Ukraine, including social activists, academics, journalists, volunteers, politicians, experts-constitutionalists, human rights activists, as well as representatives of local government bodies, volunteer battalions, businesses, youth, and others.

To identify the most critical problem areas in all spheres of society operationally and comprehensively, the members of the “Organizational and Informative Game “New Social Contract”” (125 citizens) were divided into 10 groups. The task for each group was simple: to outline the main problems and find possible solutions to them using the Social Contract as an effective and necessary tool.

When discussing the results of the work done, there were highlighted the main problematic points concerning the following issues:

— Indifference to the state and disappointment with it;

— Almost aggressive fatigue from constant conflicts;

— Absence of guarantees, benefits, etc.

— Uncertainty in the future;

— Need for building horizontal relations among different social groups;

— Vision that the new Constitution should be laconic and meaningful, etc.

All of the group findings shall be taken into account in the further work on implementing the New Social Contract.

To find out opinions at the local level, the Civil Society Coalition “People’s Constitution” will go on an all-Ukrainian tour around all the cities of Ukraine soon. During an open dialogue with our country’s citizens, it will find the best ways to solve acute social problems and formulate basic principles of the new Constitution of Ukraine.