On 16th March 2016, Kyiv hosted the Civil Society Forum “New Social Contract”, initiated by the Civil Society Coalition “People’s Constitution”.

The Forum aimed to declare the key role of civil society in forming a new social contract, give new impetus to the constitutional process, and encourage politicians to adopt the Draft Law №3781 “On the Procedure for Drafting the New Constitution of Ukraine” as soon as possible.

The Forum has adopted the Declaration, which stated that Ukraine is now at the centre of an unprecedented institutional, political, and socioeconomic crisis, which is based on citizens’ distrust towards government institutions, caused by the lack of public participation in running the country.

The Declaration also refers to the inability of politicians to pass a constitutional reform to the benefit of the Ukrainian society, as well as expresses the belief that public consolidation can take place only by involving the maximum number of the Ukrainian citizens into the formation of a new social contract, which will be enshrined in the new Constitution of Ukraine.

The Forum participants, who have adopted the Declaration, are convinced that civil society, which the people of Ukraine has trust in, has a moral right and calling to initiate and moderate the constitutional process, as well as advocate for:

– Development and adoption of the new Constitution of Ukraine by a special body of the constituent power of the citizens – the Constitutional Assembly of Ukraine with its subsequent approval in an all-Ukrainian referendum;
– Holding a nationwide public campaign in support of the Draft Law №3781 “On the Procedure for Drafting the New Constitution of Ukraine”, prepared by the Civil Society Coalition “People’s Constitution”;
– Launching open public discussion on the content of a new social contract and joint creation of the key principles that will determine the future of the Ukrainian society and state.

The Forum participants have agreed to launch establishing the regional Civil Society Coalitions “New Social Contract”, collecting signatures for holding an all-Ukrainian referendum on popular initiative on the adoption of the new Constitution of Ukraine which shall be developed and adopted by a special body of constituent power, and discussing the key issues and principles for a new social contract in Ukraine’s regions.

The Forum has been attended by civil activists, academics, journalists, volunteers, politicians, experts-constitutionalists, human rights activists, as well as representatives of local governments, volunteer battalions, businesses, labour unions, diplomatic corps, and others.

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