National constitution. Our objective:

Our main objective is to conclude a new social contract enshrined in the new Constitution of Ukraine.

On 24th September 2015, such civil organizations as “Constitutional Convention”, “Global Ukrainians”, “Ukraine Is Me”, the all-Ukrainian Civil Organization “Ukrainian Strategy”, the International Centre for Policy Studies, and the Centre of Policy and Legal Reform have signed the Memorandum on the Creation of the Civil Society Coalition “People’s Constitution”.

The goal of the Coalition is to establish a constitutional process through the preparation of the draft law, which shall determine the order of formation and status of the constituent body authorized to draft the new Constitution of Ukraine, as well as promoting the adoption of the draft law in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The Coalition has been established on the principles of voluntariness, self-governance, transparency, openness, publicity, and political impartiality.

Any civil associations, universities, and research institutions, as well as experts, scientists, and professionals in the field of constitutionalism, who have a good professional reputation, adhere to the political impartiality standards, and share provisions of the Memorandum on the Creation of the Civil Society Coalition “People’s Constitution” may become the Coalition members.

The Coalition is open for accepting new members.

The Draft Law of Ukraine "On the Procedure for Drafting the New Constitution of Ukraine" №3781 on 18.01.2016

The Declaration of Civil society Forum

Memorandum on joining the Coalition of civil society

The First December initiative group free man in a free country